trategic Management, Administrative and Operational

From the point of view of the scope and significance of the actions and decisions taken within the scope of a project, include the following levels of importance ... Read more...

Human Resource Management

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What Is Knowledge Management?

Knowledge Management is one of the hottest topics today in both the industry world and information research world. In our daily life, we deal with huge amount of data and information. Read more...

Reputation Management versus PR

Public Relations (PR) for a brand is very different from reputation management. While PR is aimed at propping up the image of a company after it has been tarnished, online reputation management will help your company remove bad press that consumers have access to.

PR is not something that companies invest in all the time. It is like an undercurrent that runs beneath the surface and shows up only when a crisis strikes up. On the other hand, reputation management service is an active day-to-day process.

The basic difference in PR and reputation management is also dependent on the media that they use. PR is concerned about offline methods like press releases, advertorials, etc. Online reputation management makes use of the Internet channels like email, social media and search engine optimization (SEO).

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Enterprise Information

4 Principles Governing IT Security Decisions

The growing threat landscape is making security investment decisions more difficult and more business critical at the same time.
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Sales Management

Improved Sales Performance Ends with Management

Sales Managers must change their management style from managing people to coaching before they will see long term sales transformation.
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Logistics Management

An overview on logistics management

Logistics management activities generally consist of inbound and as well as outbound transportation management, warehousing, fleet management ...
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Optimal Fuel

Optimal Fuel Procurement Management solution for a leading Shipping company in Europe

The largest shipping company in Europe chooses Calsoft’s Fuel Procurement Management System (FPMS) ... Read More...